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The Wedding Ceremony
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 00:00
Modern hindu wedding ceremony

A Sikh wedding is a wonderful, colourful event. We go into detail to describe the process of what happens when you arrive at the temple.

Family and friends gather inside the wedding hall in the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) for the Anand Karaj. All guests are seated one the floor, in front of the Guru Granth Sahib (Holy book), which is placed at the front of the hall. Men are seated on one side of the hall and the women the other side.

The groom enters the hall with his sisters behind him and is seated. The Bride enters afterwards with her brothers behind her and is also seated. They both bow to the Guru Granth Sahib. The parents stand up, as to show that they have given consent for the wedding. A prayer (ardas) is then said for a successful marriage. 

The musicians (Ragis), sit at the front, at the side of the Guru Granth. They sing a hymn called “Keeta Loree-ai Kamm”. This song is for gods blessing and for a successful marriage. 

A Sikh wedding official guides the couple with the verse “Dhan Pir Eh Na Akheeaan”. They are advised that marriage is a spiritual union of 2 souls. They are also reminded that about the spiritual nature of family harmony, as shown by the gurus themselves, who also married and had children.

  • The husband is to love and respect his wife. He is to encourage her with kind consideration, recognise her individuality, regard her as his equal and offer her  guidance and support.
  • The wife is to show her love and respect with loyalty, support her husband’s objectives willingly, harmonise with him, and share in happiness and sorrow, prosperity or adversity.
  • The couple are to ally themselves with each other in an endeavour to achieve a harmonious union, intellectually, emotionally, physically, materially and spiritually.

The Bride and groom, confirm their marital obligations, and bow together before the Guru Granth. 

The bridegroom’s sister (or female relation) drapes a long scarf or length of cloth, called a Palla around the groom's shoulders, and places the right end in his hands.

The bride’s father (or person in place of father) takes the left end of the palla and arranges it over the bride's shoulder and gives her the left end to hold.

The ragis sing the hymn:

"Pallai Taiddai Lagee" which symbolises the joining of the couple with eachother and  to god. 


Lavan - The Four Wedding Rounds

There are 4 wedding hymns that represent the the 4 stages of love. 

  • The first round represents: Commitment to righteousness; renouncing deception and sinful actions and embracing god. 
  • The second round represents: Advancing your faith in god, Humility, and singing his praises and feeling his presence within you both. 
  • The third round represents: The guru declaring that the couples minds are filled with “divine love”. Their destiny in realised and it is inscribed “upon your foreheads” and having knowledge of this destiny your inner love will be awakened from within you. 
  • The fourth round represents: Having found Waheguru (Almighty God), the couples mind is now peaceful and that they will be happy and satisfied with their lives together. Your souls will blend and you will experience god together. 

The congregation then sings the hymn “Anand Sahib” (The song of bliss) 

The conclusion

The ragis then sing 2 hymns to conclude the ceremony:

"Veeahu Hoa Mere Babula" - This hymn celebrates Union of the marriage with eachother and god. 

"Pooree Asa Jee Mansaa Mere Raam" - describes the Joy of finding your perfect partner.

The congregation then stands for the final prayer. After it has been said, everyone bows, and sit down again.

A Sikh reads a verse called a Hukam to conculde the ceremony.  A Ragi then serves everyone a handful of Prashad, a sacred sweet blessed during the prayer.

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